Sunday, April 5, 2009

Memphis South Regional Finals - Day 2

Last Sunday was the NCAA South Regional Finals in Memphis and after we watched UNC beat Gonzaga on Friday night, we had tickets to watch UNC beat Oklahoma. What a cool story we have to go along with it too. Michael really wanted to upgrade his upper level seats to lower level seats, but we (okay, I) decided not to spend the extra money. So we were sitting up high when this guy walks up to us and says, "Hey, I've got two extra tickets at the suite level if you guys want to move down." Uh, yes. You didn't have to convince us! But when we went to the suite level, they said "No, you are up too high...your tickets are down on the floor." Well, when we got down to the floor (they check your tickets or they won't let you down there!) we realized the guy had given us his tickets instead of his extra tickets. So he switched them out for us, but we were already on the floor like 12 rows back so why move up? We took some empty seats from where the poor Syracuse fans were sitting on Friday night and there we enjoyed our front row (almost!) view of the game. How awesome. Michael was giddy. Like a 4 year old. It was great.

Oh, and Lauren Moore and Jonathan Melton came down for the game also. We ate at Central BBQ before the was yummy and VERY messy!

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