Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mr. Giraffe

Brecken's Uncle Patrick bought this giraffe for him before he was even born. We just put it together at his birthday and he loves it! We showed him how to sit and ride on it and today he figured out how to climb on and off of it by himself. A pretty talented feat considering he doesn't even walk or really stand by himself. He gets mad at it and pushes it away when he falls off though - which is really kind of cute because he immediately pulls it back and climbs on again. We've spent a good amount of time pushing Brecken and the giraffe around the house today. And the poor little guy's shirt is soaked from making the "bbbrrrrrrrrr" noise the whole time he's riding!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Learning to Flush

Of course Brecken is nowhere near potty training, but he's definitely interested in the toilet. He likes to play the drum on the closed lid and today he figured out how to flush. He succeeded in flushing three times in the time it took me to take a picture! There goes our water bill!