Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flood Cleanup

A few of my coworkers sustained flood damage to their homes, but one was particularly bad so Wednesday, we all went over and helped them rip out the flooring and take everything out of the house. I backed the Pilot up under a tree and Brecken played with Lily and Alyxis while we worked on the house! He was great just hanging out and playing while we worked.  They still have a long way to go on putting the house back together but I at least could help a little.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

Multimedia message

I forgot to add this picture to my last post. Brecken looks like he could eat Wyatt for dinner. :) 

Baby Wyatt

Congratulations to Brian, Tara, Ty, and Ansley Petty on the birth of Baby Wyatt on Thursday, May 6th!  He and Brecken are exactly seven months apart. We went to meet Wyatt at the hospital tonight. He's so precious and tiny. It's ao crazy to think that we were in that hospital room with B just seven months ago - seems like yesterday. Everyone tells you that the first year just flies by, but now that we are closer to one year than we are to when B was born, I believe it. Especially now that I seem how much he's grown compared to Wyatt who's already a pound more than B was when he was born. Periodically, people ask me how I like being a new mommy. The answer is always the same - I love it. It's amazing.  There have been many times that I've looked at Brecken and watched him figure something out or learn something new and thought, I can't imagine only experiencing this once. I see why most people have more than one. I'm curious to see how many we end up with. It'll be a game-time decision.  

Before we left the hospital, Michael and I stopped by the nursery just for kicks to see all the new babies. I jokingly said to Michael, "you ready for another one?". His answer: "sure, why not?". Why not, indeed. 

World's Biggest Fish Fry

Two weekends ago Michael was working so Brecken and I went to visit my first roommate from Lipscomb, Carrie. She lives in Paris, TN home of The World's Biggest Fish Fry. Brecken is wearing his fish fry t-shirt Carrie bought him when he was born!  Since I don't actually like catfish, we didn't go to the fish tent but we did walk around the carnival and go the rodeo Saturday night!  B slept through most of it but he did wake up long enough to watch some cattle roping and then he promptly went back to sleep. I think the aroma of our funnel cake woke him up! Even though it rained a lot, it was wonderful to spend some time with Carrie catching up and hanging out.  

At Work With Mommy

Last week I stopped by the office with Brecken to pick something up while I was in Green Hills. Brecken was pretty content sitting in Elizabeth's chair and playing with his shoes so we just stayed for 45 minutes so I could get some work done! Oh, and if you can't tell, the only thing B is wearng is a diaper, shoes, and a bib. Those were the only things we had clean in the diaper bag after he blew out his other diaper and made the biggest mess of his clothes.  And my white capris! I knew it was a bad idea when I put them on that morning but decided to try it anyway. Oh, well. Poo stains come out (with a little bit of work!) but funny stories are forever.  


Morning naptime. Such a sweet boy.