Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Payne Gender Poll

Do you think we are having a boy or a girl? Vote in my poll to the right. If you don't have any inkling, just vote for which one you'd love to see us end up with! As I said before, I have no idea...Michael thinks it's a boy. We'll see!

Oh, and I read this somewhere recently and it made me feel a little better about not taking part in "Life's Biggest Surprise" by waiting till baby is born to find out the gender:

"Since we have no idea what the gender is until the ultrasound, it's still a big surprise to find out the gender at 20 weeks instead of waiting till baby is born...we just get the surprise a few months earlier!"

Sorry to all those that are adamant about waiting. I have nothing against you (and actually, I'm pretty impressed)...we just can't do it! :)

(I keep adding on to this post...) If you want to, you can also leave a comment to tell me what you voted in the poll. It doesn't tell me who voted for what. I'm sure there's a way to tell or a Poll Gadget that will track that...I just haven't figured that out yet.


Jessica said...

I am going to go with a girl because I think it would be great for the cousins to be the same gender and so close in age. You have not given any great indications that would give me a really good clue. I knew with your sister. I am glad to hear that you did not have a lot of sickness. Looking forward to the announcement. Are you going to at least share the name - or are you going to keep it a secret like Chuck and LeeAnn?

Meghan said...

Not sure about the name - we haven't decided yet whether or not we will tell people. It might depend on what name we come up with! We are waiting to find out the gender before trying too hard to decide on a name...though we know we'll need to have a back up just in case! :)