Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Update - 13 Weeks

The strangest thing happened to me this morning...I woke up at 6:40am. Like wide awake. That never happens. Even if I go to bed at 9 the night before, I don't wake up before 7am. And if even I do, I just fall right back asleep. Granted, I had to pee like crazy (as I did when I woke up at 2:30 am too...), but usually it's straight back to sleep afterwards. Not this morning. It was the strangest sensation. Did I just switch from 1st trimester to 2nd trimester overnight? I sure hope so! It's been soooo hard getting out of bed in the morning for the last 10 weeks. I could use some extra energy right about now!

For those of you that haven't seen me in the past week, yes, I did get a haircut. A pretty significant one actually. 10 1/2 inches to be exact. And yes, I am donating it to be used to make a wig for someone. That's why it's so drastic. I know everyone says not to cut your hair when you are pregnant, but because I've been so tired and couldn't get out of bed in the mornings (see comment above), I was going to work with my hair wet and in a ponytail all the time...gross. It was time to make the cut. And I didn't want to waste it by only cutting 6 inches...so I took the leap and told her to cut a few more so my hair could be used to make someone a wig.

Besides, the girl who cuts my hair is awesome (click here to book online with her!) so I basically sat down and said, "Here's the deal. I'm pregnant (woo-hoo and excitement ensued) and will be gaining some weight. I want to cut my hair, but want to avoid fat face. What can you do?" She told me a bunch of things and I said, "Okay! I trust you!" I love Lauren...

I guess I should talk more about Baby Payne since this post is supposed to be a Baby Update. Below is my first "Belly Pic." There's not much too it, but it's more than was there a few weeks ago, so I figured it was worth posting. Besides, everyone's been asking. Still not sure how much can be attributed to baby bump and how much is actually just digestion problems, but we'll just say it's baby!
Well, I just decided to post my real first official Belly Pic. This was taken at Winterfest when I was like 6 weeks pregnant (and LeeAnn was 26...I think). Enough to still be having digestion issues, but not much else. It really was just a "Oh-my-goodness-the-Godbey-girls-are-pregnant-at-the-same-time-we-have-to-take-a-picture!" picture. Oh, you might say there's no difference between the two pictures, but don't be fooled by the shadow behind my tummy on this picture. There really was nothing there at that point.

But evidently, in about 13 more weeks, I'll look like sissy does in that picture...wow. Guess I need to break out the stetchy pants soon!

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LeeAnn said...

Love, love, LOVE the new haircut! And I'm glad you're feeling okay. I had one of those wake-up-so-early-you-wonder-if-you're-going-crazy mornings too. I got up and created an excel spreadsheet of everything that Melinda had told me I need for the baby and then never looked at it again. Oh well, it passed the time. Can't wait to see you this weekend and take another double-belly shot! Love you!