Sunday, April 5, 2009

CBC Girls Weekend!

Two out of the last three weekends have been girls weekends! (Poor Michael...) Initially, it was going to be just me, Sarah Crump, and Brittany Mills (love my CBC girls!). Then on Thursday both of them emailed me to say, "Can I bring a friend?" Well, I'm too much like my mom to say no, so of course I said "Of course! Bring em' on!" So we ended up with five girls spending the weekend upstairs (add Jenifer Queen, Shaina Crump, and Brittany's friend, Jenna). I love having the room to have people stay with us!

Michael made an awesome breakfast on Saturday morning...eggs, bacon, sausage, strawberries, english muffins, cinnamon rolls...makes me hungry just thinking about it again! Then we went to Centennial Park and played Criss-Cross Croquet of Chaos in front of the Parthenon. It was such a beautiful day!

Then we came back to the house and had a Nertz party. It was pretty sad though - Sarah Crump won with a score of zero...just shows how badly the rest of us did!

Girls, thanks so much for coming to visit. I love having you here this weekend! Come back anytime. I'm just like M:)M (my mom, for those who don't know her signature!), you are always welcome!

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godbey said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Just wish I could've been there with all "my girls" - add LeeAnn - and what a blast that would've been! Love you all!