Monday, June 8, 2009

Denver Day 3 (Saturday, May 23)

Saturday we went to Idaho Springs, an old mining town (which really describes a lot of little towns around Denver) and ate at BeauJo's pizza. Who knew there was a Colorado style pizza? Basically, a really big twisted crust that you drizzle with honey for dessert. Since we got a honey wheat crust, it was really yummy.

Next stop was St. Mary's Glacier in Alice. I guess you could call Alice a town, but all we really saw were some houses and lots of dirt roads. And a really small school house that they probably still use considering how far away they are from an actual town. This was a pretty intense 3/4 of a mile..very rocky and steep. But a great hike with beautiful views as you will see!

Michael on the trail. Most of the trail wasn't covered in snow, but there were a few spots we did a little snow trekking.

Below is a picture of part of the glacier. It's beautiful how the snow flows right into the lake. The lake I'm sure is frozen in the winter, but had mostly thawed when we were there. There were marks where people had snowboarded down parts of it...hopefully stopping before they reached the lake!

Side view of the glacier and lake.
Michael enjoying the wonder of it all. You can see some of the snowboard tracks behind him.

We tried to avoid Interstates and took the scenic route everywhere we went. This creek followed the Peak to Peak highway. It seemed like every road we were on had a creek winding beside it. Once we got a little further down and it wasn't as cold, we turned the radio off, rolled the windows down and listened to the creek rushing by as we drove.

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