Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Update - 19 Weeks

19 weeks...I feel like my belly in the picture above looks bigger than it is now at 20 weeks! There must be a shadow around the black shirt that's making it look bigger. :) he he he...
We had our ultrasound the day after I turned 19 weeks and those pictures are way more interesting than my belly picture, but for some reason, I can't get them to open on here...frustration. I'll have to load them tomorrow at work during lunch because I have them saved in a different format.

As far as the pregnancy goes though, I feel great. I have to be careful not to stay up to late (uh, like right now) because I have more energy at night, but then I don't want to get up in the morning! That one morning at 12 weeks or so when I woke up at 6:40am...that must have been a fluke because it sure hasn't happened again! Still sleeping pretty well at night...turning over a lot, but some nights I'm actually making it through the night without having to get up and pee!

It's really exciting knowing that Baby Payne is a boy. Oh, wait - I haven't officially announced that yet on my blog have I?! Well, in case you hadn't already found out from Facebook, word of mouth, or LeeAnn's blog, BABY PAYNE IS A BOY!! Yay! We are so excited. Michael of course is thrilled! He's been saying for weeks that it's a boy. He was so convinced he even skewed my blog poll by voting "boy" at least 6 times. Somehow, girl still won though! Well, I'm sorry my friends but you were wrong, he's a boy!

Anyway, ever since our ultrasound last Tuesday, it's been a lot easier to get excited about baby. It's so cool to have seen what he looks like. It sure makes it more real! Between those pictures and my growing belly, I no longer feel like I'm not being completely honest when I tell people I'm pregnant. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I had to have proof for people to believe me. Maybe I didn't fully believe it myself!

We still haven't registered or picked out nursery things or anything, but that's mostly because of time constraints. It's been a lot more fun to actually look at those things now that I can visualize a baby to go with them! I think it also helps that I've been able to feel him move more. I felt him move for the first time on the way to my ultrasound appointment last Tuesday, June 2. I'm fairly sure I'd felt the same sensation a couple times before, but didn't realize it. For some reason, as I was driving to my appt, when I felt the little flutters, I just knew that it was baby moving. Now I feel him moving fairly regularly. Especially in the car. Not sure if it's the seatbelt or the music...funny, I remember LeeAnn saying the same thing about Salem. I need to pay more attention but I know I've noticed it when the radio is on and I'm singing. Maybe he likes my voice. :)

I'll try to get ultrasound pictures and a 20 week update posted tomorrow!


LeeAnn said...

Yes, Salem always loved the car...she was constantly moving. I never did decide what it was - seatbelt, radio, or my voice, or maybe just the movement, but she was always active in the car.

It's definitely more fun to look at baby things once you've seen a picture and know if it's a boy or girl. Get ready for lots of blue!

Can't wait to see you in a few days. I keep telling Salem about her aunt Meghan and how she's going to get a cousin soon. Doubt she gets it, but it's still fun to tell her about it!

Love you bunches and you look absolutely adorable (Chuck says and motherly) in this picture!

andreabrosto said...

What a cute pregnant belly!! Did you all decide on a name yet? Glad you're feeling so good!