Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Update - 18 Weeks

At 18 weeks, we were in Colorado. You've already seen a few pix but here's the official belly pictures for week 18. Love that it's complete with beautiful scenery. Much better than our dining room wall!

I did amazingly well being pregnant in Colorado. I told Michael that we will have some great stories to share with our little one about me hiking up a snow covered mountain when I was four months pregnant! We sure did a lot of hiking while in Colorado and even though I had to take it easy and be sure my heart rate didn't get too high, it sure felt good! I've always enjoyed being active and being outdoors so it doesn't surprise that those are the times I've felt best during this pregnancy.
When I came back to work last Tuesday, I was only inside at my computer for about 30 minutes before I started to feel crummy because I missed the fresh air, daylight (as opposed to florescent lights!), and activity (as opposed to sitting at a compy all day!). It really did take me a couple days to get reaccustomed to being inside all day again. Though I have been trying to get out at lunch as much as possible. Even if it's only to run errands around Brentwood, I feel so much better than when I eat lunch in front of my computer. There is a very small park (maybe not even a park...more like a green space with a walking trail) right behind our office beside the Maryland Farms YMCA. I've been trying to go out there to eat lunch and walk some during my lunch break. It gives me more energy and lifts my spirits! I do miss the clear, cool air of Colorado though. This thick humid stuff in Nashville isn't as refreshing!
Baby-wise, at this point I still hadn't felt him move and also didn't know baby was a him! Looking back, I probably did feel him move, I just didn't realize what I was feeling. Overall, I feel great - no major complaints. I definitely wake up more during the night (used to sleep like a rock), but usually it's just to turn over or because I have to pee, but then I can go right back to sleep. I'm not going to post my weight gain information, but supposedly I'm right on track. I'm trying not to worry about it too much...just focusing on balancing eating healthy choices, trying to at least get a little exercise, and allowing myself to indulge. I've always been a healthy eater, so that's not been too much of a problem...I'm just eating more of those foods!
No strange cravings yet. Really, no cravings at all yet. I do get hungry really fast though. Like one minute I'm fine and the next I think I'm going to start gnawing on my hand I'm so hungry! I try to keep snacks close by for situations like this. People like to laugh at my snack drawer at work...I'll have to take a picture sometime. :)

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