Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Payne's First Pictures - 19 Weeks

Finally! Ultrasound pictures posted for you to all ooo and ahh over! Sorry it took me a week and a half (insert numerous valid excuses here). :)

This is Michael's favorite. I call it The Thinking Man as a friend pointed out he looks remarkably similar to the statue of the same name by Auguste Rodin.

This one could be slightly scary if you aren't a fan of skulls. His head is still propped up on his arm in that thinking position. Looks like we've got a serious one on our hands.
I think this one's my favorite. He's pretty cute for only being half developed!

Yes, indeed he is a boy as labeled in this picture. Don't worry it's zoomed in. Or he could just be very well endowed. :)

This one's a side view of the head and chest.

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Shane, Natalie, & Madelyn said...

WHAT A SWEET BABY!!! Gosh, I can't believe baby Payne is a boy...I'll admit...I voted girl but I was CLEARLY wrong! HA! We can't wait to meet your sweet little guy!!