Monday, July 20, 2009

Pregnancy Update (Finally!) - 20 Weeks

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant. Wow. I haven't posted an update since Week 19. Man, I'm behind...and incredibly busy. We've traveled a lot since Week 19 (not much different than pre-Week 19 really, though). My sister, LeeAnn, had baby Salem Zannah Taylor on the day I turned 20 weeks - June 8th. Unfortunately, that was on a Monday so I had to wait 5 whole days before we could drive to North Carolina and I could meet her that weekend.

I seriously love this little girl! She's so adorable and beautiful (I'm only slightly biased).
We had fun taking pictures of her. Salem is five days old in these pix. She looks like she's smiling in the picture below, but really she was just working on a special gift for us!
Isn't she beautiful?
And so tiny...she weighed 6lbs 13oz at birth and was 19 inches long. She may be low on the weight percentile, but she's got the length under control! Check out mine or LeeAnn's Facebook page for plenty more sweet pictures of Miss Salem.
My 20 week and pregnant.
At 20 weeks, I was still feeling great. That extra 2nd trimester energy started to kick in (which has been wonderful). Nothing interesting to report on the food side. No real cravings or aversions to food. I really don't feel like I'm eating that much more than normal, but I guess it depends on the day. At this point, I was still only feeling Baby Payne moving around definite kicks and nothing Michael could feel on the outside yet. At our last appointment, Dr. George said it would still be a few more weeks for that, but that Michael might be able to feel him as early as 23 weeks. He was hoping for a little earlier than that, but it didn't happen!

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