Monday, July 20, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 21 Weeks

Towards the end of my 21st week, we left for North Carolina for the second weekend in a row. Except this time, we were staying for a whole week for 2nd week of Carolina Bible Camp (CBC). We stopped in Brevard, NC on the way so we could visit with Michael's Grandmother Cline. Little did we know, Michael's mom had planned a little surprise shower for Baby Payne with the family before we had to head on to Mocksville and CBC.

This is Grandmommie Cline - Michael's mom's mom.
I don't remember exactly what this onesie says, but it's football themed, which is right on target for me and Michael!
It took us awhile to figure out exactly what animal that tummy time blanket is...I think we finally decided on some sort of dragon. Check out the cute bibs in the background. They say things like "Boys Are Just Better" and "I Love Dirt." The second one scares me a little. :) I've said more than once that this little boy will be God's way of teaching me patience and I'm sure many, many other lessons!

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