Monday, July 20, 2009

My 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday was on May 28th (I know, that was like 7 weeks ago...I'm more than a little behind) so Michael and I went to our favorite place for dinner - Carrabba's. We always order the same thing (The Chicken Trio in case you are's not on the menu) and it's always amazing. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful because I wanted to be outside and we were able to sit in Carrabba's newly opened outdoor seating. It was a wonderful, relaxing evening.

Michael completely surprised me with my birthday present. Evidently, I underestimate him because he had this picked out and bought before my birthday and I had no clue what he was getting me! I didn't even know he'd bought me anything! For some of you, this may seem odd, but in my family, presents aren't always the highest priority and you very rarely actually get them on your birthday. Which means if I do actually get something on my b-day, it's a really big deal!
For example, I just got my b-day present from my parents a few weeks ago. Mom didn't know what I wanted, so she didn't buy anything. When we were home for camp, I told her I really need garage organization things so they bought me a large cabinet to match the one they bought me for Christmas. Again, some of you think, "Seriously? That's a birthday present?" But for me, I was thrilled! I now have 3 matching cabinets so I can re-organize the garage before baby comes. We need a little more space on the sides right now so we can get all that baby gear in and out without banging up the cars. Yes, I love organization.
Anyway, back to Michael's present for me. I'd mentioned a few times after we found out I was pregnant that I'd need a "diaper bag camera" - i.e. a small pocket camera that can stay in the diaper bag so I don't miss any precious moments of Baby Payne's life. I absolutely love my current camera - it has 12x optical zoom and takes amazing pictures, but it's too bulky to carry around everyone. Michael actually picked up on my comments and viola! I have a brand new pink camera complete with adorable camera case. I love this camera. It's so handy and I can take it anywhere. What a wonderful husband I have...
The day after my birthday, we went to a Sounds game with my work. Our friends, Rick and Amanda and their new baby, Anna, came along too. The weather was great and the Sounds won. And because it was sponsored by Delta Dental, the tickets and dinner were free - can't beat that!

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