Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colorado - Day 1 (Thurs, May 21)

Michael and I flew to Denver, Colorado last Thursday morning for five days. This was technically Michael's 30th birthday trip, but it kind of turned into a birthday trip for both of us since my 25th was a week later! Our friends Dave and Jim let us stay with them and borrow their hybrid Civic to explore Colorado for five days! It was such an awesome trip...thanks Dave and Jim for your wonderful hospitality!

This was a local ice cream place called Lickety Split (Liks for short). Yum!

One thing I loved about Denver and Colorado in general is how healthy everyone is. People walk and bike everywhere because Denver has bike trails everywhere. And not just Denver. You can bike from city to city. I wish Nashville was this pedestrian friendly! Thursday afternoon, we biked from Dave and Jim's house to the REI flagship store downtown. The bike trail follows Cherry Creek until it meets up with the South Platte River at REI and goes all the way through the city. It was a very cool ride and REI was huge (I could spend so much money in that store!), but my bum was pretty sore the next day! In the picture below of Dave and Michael, REI is in the background (there's a Starbucks in the REI).

These rapids in front of the REI are where the employees do kayaking demonstrations and training in the summer...pretty cool!
The pictures below are from Boulder, Colorado. It's just north of Denver and a very cool place. We ate at an awesome restaurant called The Mediterranean and then walked around for a bit on the mall/plaza. This was the first of a few different visits to Boulder.
This was the closest we got to a moose encounter the whole trip!

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