Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Brain in Target

I feel like I need to document these or else I will forget these fun stories (doesn't take much these days to forget something).

Yesterday, I went to Target after work to return a couple things. I put the bag with my returns in my cart and decided to do a little shopping first though since one of the things I just wanted to exchange for a different size if they had it. So I walked through a few departments and ended up in the baby section (like I often do these days). After finding some great deals on clearance, I grabbed my cart to head back to the customer service counter to do my returns and buy my baby items. That's when I noticed that my bag of returns was gone!

Of course, my first thought was confusion (also very normal these days). Where in the world was my bag? I knew I hadn't taken it out of the cart since I put in there when I first walked into the store. Had someone taken it out of my cart when I wasn't looking? Maybe the store could look on their security cameras to see if someone had taken it. I got to that point and then started thinking rationally...okay, maybe I had accidently picked up someone else's cart at some point in my trip. I walked through all the departments I'd been in (or at least I thought I did) and didn't see any abandoned carts with a Target bag in them.

Then I saw a Target employee gathering together all the empty carts. I asked her if she'd seen a cart with a Target bag in it - nope. But she did offer to help me find it. So as we walked toward the customer service counter to see if someone had turned in the bag, she sees an empty cart...and whatdya know - it's got a Target bag in it! With my returns!

I had completely forgotten to check that department. I didn't even remember walking through it until I saw my cart and it all came flooding back. At some point in my wanderings, I'd walked down an aisle without my cart and stolen some poor shopper's empty cart right from beneath them! I can just see them looking at me funny as I walk away with their cart and me completely oblivious to the fact that I was just very unintentionally rude.

Thankfully, the Target lady was very nice and just excited for me that I'd found my stuff! I didn't tell her I was pregnant or try to blame it on baby brain...I should have.

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