Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bringing Baby Home Seminar (14 Weeks)

I know I'm going backwards in my posts, but I wanted to get a few pictures on here from when my sister, LeeAnn, and her husband, Chuck, were in Nashville April 24-26 and came to the Bringing Baby Home Seminar with us at Harpeth Hills. So in the pictures below, LeeAnn is 34 weeks and I'm 14. I know, I just posted a 16 week update and picture, but this picture was too cute not to post!

I love my sister!

We had beautiful weather on Saturday so Michael grilled out some yummy pork chops. We didn't want to waste those hot coals, so LeeAnn and I busted out the marshmallows and started roasting. LeeAnn's baby brain comment of the evening: "You think it's okay to roast marshmallows over charcoal?" My reply, "Yes, LeeAnn. We just ate pork chops roasted over the very same charcoal, I doubt the marshmallows will hurt us!"

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