Saturday, August 28, 2010

My First Toothbrush!

Hey everyone! I finally got my first tooth a few weeks ago (and my second and third just a few days after!) so when my fourth tooth popped through yesterday, mommy decided it was time to get me my very own toothbrush! I sure to love to chew on it...which then makes me drool everywhere! It has a hippo on it and matches the hooded towel mommy just got me at the Otter Creek consignment sale. :)


LeeAnn said...

I just bought Salem her first toothbrush today too! Actually I bought two - one for here and one for Noni's house. They are blue with yellow ducks on them - Salem's favorite. If Salem doesn't hurry up and pop some more teeth out, Brecken is going to catch up to her!

Bianca said...

Chewing the toothbrush is an expected habit. But seeing how your first four tooth popped out means that you're growing up just fine. Your parents must be happy.

Bianca Jackson