Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...oops...we are driving to NC for a long weekend and I'm trying to get caught up on some blog posts via my phone. Great idea, except we just hit a bump and I accidentally hit "send" in the middle of my post! Oh well...I'll fix that one later! In the meantime, this is what our little guy is doing right now...chilling in the back seat.  He had started to fuss a little so we put his music class CD on he immediately calmed down. He LOVES that CD. Nothing else can calm him down in the car like, "I'm so happy to see Brecken...". We took the summer off from music class because we travel so much but we are going to start again for the fall session. One of B's favorite toys is the little maraca he got from music class. He loves to shake shake shake it!  I bought him a Leap Frog music and learning table at a consignment sale and it's probably his favorite toy of all. This little boy definitely likes his music!

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