Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thursday Night Panera Girls

October 22, 2009: I grew up in small churches where the entire congregation was only double the size of our Sunday morning class at our current church, Harpeth Hills. God has blessed me and Michael with wonderful Christian friends from that class. Almost every Thursday night, a bunch of the young moms from church get together at the Panera in Brentwood. It’s technically a book group but sometimes we don’t ever get around to talking about the book! It is always a good time though and I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful women. When Brecken was two weeks old, I was ready to get out and about so we ventured out to Panera on Thursday night. It was the first time Brecken and I went out without Michael and it was a success! We had a wonderful night and Brecken slept most of the time…no surprise there!

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