Thursday, April 15, 2010


Every Tuesday night, we go to Celebrate Recovery at our church, Harpeth Hills. We are on the leadership team and are committed to being there every week. Childcare is provided so Brecken has come every week since he was about 6 weeks old. Tuesday is my full day to work in the office and Michael keeps Brecken at home. My office is in Green Hills so Michael picks me up on the way to church so I can work late and we don't have to drive two cars. This week, I brought food to feed Brecken for the first time. It was our first experience with papaya and with eating on the go and he did really well! The papaya was a hit! (Don't tell anyone I didn't even know what a papaya looked like when I went to buy one at Trader Joe's - thank goodness for those brightly colored signs!) 


LeeAnn said...

Yay, the picture worked this time. Love his face :)

Meghan said...

Yeah I just deleted and reposted once I figures out how to do the pictures. Glad I got it working!