Friday, September 4, 2009

Pregnancy Update - 22 Weeks (Carolina Bible Camp)

Week 22 was spent at Carolina Bible Camp - one of my favorite places ever. If you don't know my history with CBC, I started attending I think in 1991 - I was 8. I haven't missed a summer since. Michael and I met at CBC in 2003, the summer after my freshman year of college. Exactly one year later, Michael proposed at CBC at the amphitheater where we would get married almost another year later on June 4, 2005. So needless to say, a lot of emotions and memories are tied to CBC.

Second week of camp has become a family tradition over the past few years. Michael and I now serve as Head Counselors for 2nd week. My mom is the Canteen Director and my sister, LeeAnn, is her assistant. LeeAnn's husband, Chuck, is the Education Director. And finally, both my parents serve as caretakers of CBC year round.

This year, our family involvement grew a little more as my niece, Salem, joined us at camp for the first time - she was only two weeks old! So tiny...

Ms. Bonnie with Salem. Bonnie and her husband, Bobby, used to house Michael when he'd come visit me at my parents' house (before my parents' house was completely built, that the time we were living in mom and dad's fifth wheel camper and then in our little one room apartment). Michael stayed with Bonnie and Bobby so many times, they named the guest bedroom "The Payne Wing." This summer, I got to spend the night in The Payne Wing for the first time. :)

Thursday night, the staff made and served pizza to give the kitchen staff the night off. Don't mess with a pregnant woman wielding a large knife. :)

LeeAnn and tiny little Salem. So sweet...

This year, I got to be a counselor with my cousin, Ashton (left), and my friend from Lipscomb, Liz (right). Liz and her husband lived with me and Michael for 10 weeks this summer after moving back to the states from Guatemala. When I was in desperate need of more female counselors because 2nd week experienced so much growth this year (yay!), Liz volunteered and we had an awesome week! They were a little excited about Baby Boy. :)

One of my favorite people, Sarah Crump, came to visit for the weekend since she couldn't be at camp the whole. Love these girls...

A few years ago, we started a post 2nd week tradition of going to the $2 theater on Saturday night after camp. Our group has grown over the past few years but we missed you Brittany and Jenifer! Brittany also seems to have an excuse (something about open heart surgery the first time).

Another post-2nd week tradition is croquet (Criss Cross Croquet of Chaos to be exact) in my parents' yard on Saturday. We all fell asleep that afternoon, so we had to set up cars in the front yard after the movie so we could play in the dark.
I'm curious to see how camp will go next year. It'll be my first time at camp with a pre-camper in tow. Crazy to think about! But Lord willing, we'll still be there as CBC and our sweet campers hold a special place in our hearts.

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